Man commits suicide in front of Shahbaz Sharif’s Complaint Cell


LAHORE – A 50-year-old citizen of Faisalabad committed suicide by setting himself on fire in front of Chief Minister’s Complaint Cell in Model Town police limits on Friday. The deceased was later identified as Mehmood Akhtar son of Ahmad Din, a barber by profession in Nazimabad, Karachi, police source said.

Police sources said Mehmood, father of four, visited CM’s Office at 7-Club Road some days back and filed an application, demanding recovery of his house from land grabbers. Police officials at Complaint Cell recommended the application to the DCO Faisalabad, who allegedly paid no heed towards the demand of the applicant. “On Friday afternoon, the victim again went to the Chief Minister’s complaint cell in Model Town and set himself on fire,” police sources added.

Police investigators, however, said the police force was busy on duty during CM’s presence on the funeral prayer of Saeed Elahi’s father near the Quran Academy when this untoward incident occurred.

An eyewitness said the victim shouted before self-immolation. “The locals rushed towards him but he had already set himself to fire after sprinkling petrol on his body and as a result, he sustained severe burn injuries,” he further added. Later, he was rushed to Mayo Hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead.

Police source from Faisalabad, who requested anonymity, said some land grabbers illegally had occupied his hair dressing shop in Karachi and his home in Faisalabad. He was strongly depressed from the situation. “His friend suggested him to visit CM’s House and demand for a separate home where he may establish his personal saloon shop adjacent to his home,” the source added. Later, the PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif expressed his profound condolence over the said demise of Mehmood Akhtar. Nawaz Sharif also directed Punjab Government to hold a high level inquiry to probe the reasons, which had led him to go for such drastic and fatal action. In a message from London Nawaz Sharif affirmed that his family would not be left in the lurch.

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