Aur Main Pij geya


Lahore : Our reporter Mr Vijay Saksena just left  home in eastern lahore and witnessed a heavy rainfall. It was such a wonderful weather that he thougth whether he enjoy weather or whether he enjoy Samosa’s . He thought to enjoy samosas and determined to get wet in rain . he said “aaaj to bheeg k hi har jagah jana hai ” but Qismat has manzoor something else.

As it rained aur aur aur he got wetter and wetter and wetter . but he was not bheegafied in rain rather he Pij geya in rain. He was so worried that how to face people with his dress fully Pijjed in Water and as he was Wetted by rain . So then he went to a laundery shop and told the Dhobi about the situation . Dhobi putted him in dryer and after 15 minutes he dried up and was felted really happy and given paintees rupeess to the dhobi rather than thirty .

Again Qismat manzoor was something else . While comming back bringind Samosas a car threw lots of waters to him while he was just few farlang nearer and nearer to his home. He Pjjed Agained in water and felt really ambarassed and undignified . he Pissed of very too much and boycotted eating samosas . The story of a pijjed reporter .


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