Karachi Pij Gaya


After the 1st heavy monson rain in karachi . Bhaiyyas enjoyed it alot . they had lot of tafreeh . they enjoyed it going to Clifton beach and other beachy places . most of the bhaiyyas on roads seem to be pijjed (wet)  by the heavy rain . Some enjoyeed peeking paan on the water rather than on roads . A bhaiyya said “we are enjoying the rain, its always a great pleasure specially peeking GURU 300 on a wet terrain”

On clifton beach our correspondant interviwed another Kirla sort of bhaiyya he told ” it is always a great pleasure to piss in the ocean while raining ” overall all karachi makhlooq enjoyed the great baarish aka rain and most of them were so angry as they were only prepared to take bath on EID day and this rain vanished their dreams and cleaned them before even EID .


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