NYPD designates mosques as terrorism organizations


The New York Police Department has secretly named all mosques as terrorism organizations. This designation allows the police to record sermons and monitor imams even if there is no proof of criminal wrongdoing or any illegal matter.

The designation also means that whoever shows up there even for prayer services, he/she is subject of the investigation and surveillance.

The NYPD used a tactic called TEI which is a tool intended to help investigate terrorist cells and the like, allowing officers to monitor political or religious speeches whenever the “facts or circumstances reasonably indicate” that the people were involved in plotting terrorism.

Although the NYPD has never criminally charged a single mosque or even an Islamic organization with operating as a terrorism enterprise, a lot of terrorism enterprise investigations (TEIs) extend for years, permitting surveillance and spying to continue.

In your opinion do you think such spying programs will make Muslims afraid to practice their faith?

(By: Yasmine Hamdy, MSN Arabia)


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