Israel Grants Pakistan Visa Free Access

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Tel Aviv – The Immigration Department of Israel announced today that it will grant all Pakistani Passport holders visiting the country visa free access for a stay of up to 120 days. This announcement comes in effect on 10th September 2014 and will continue until the Israeli Department of Immigration lifts the visa free access. The Israeli government spokesperson said “This shows the love Israel has for the Pakistani people. We would love for them to visit us and see for themselves that we are not waging a war in Gaza and infact it is Hamas which is brutally attacking Israelis. Any Pakistani with a ‘valid Passport that allows them to visit Israel’ is welcome to visit and we shall treat them to the best of hospitality.”

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The decision was met with tremendous appreciation from the international community who see this as a sign of Israeli generosity and resolve to mend diplomatic differences. The President of the United States Barack Obama was quoted as saying “Israel has granted Pakistan visa free access despite knowing that Pakistan is a terrorist state. Now terrorists from Pakistan can easily travel to Israel on ‘Passports that allow them’ and see for themselves the kindness of the Israeli government and their brotherly attitudes towards the Palestinians. This is huge step by Israel towards curbing terrorism.” The UK, Australia and Canada also welcomed the gesture by offering Israel monetary aid for such peaceful anti-terrorism methods.

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The Pakistani Foreign office responded by stating that it is a terrible joke by Israel because the Pakistani passport is not valid in Israel and no one can actually visit Israel despite having a valid Passport. However the comments were ignored by the international community and Israel.

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