A Controversial Pakistani Figure: Malala Yousafzai


A Controversial Pakistani Figure Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai gained international popularity after she was shot in the head by Taliban. She had been introduced to the world by BBC as a voice that stood up against the Taliban and other extremist elements that were against the education of women. It was probably for the same reason that Malala was made a target by the Taliban (in my opinion).

Since the day she was shot, there has been a dispute about the authenticity of the attack. Some people have a view that the whole thing was a drama and was another attempt to malign Pakistan internationally. There was a huge debate on the videos in which she was shown being taken away in a Pakistani military helicopter.

After looking at videos and after seeing her on television, I for one do not doubt the occurrence of the incident, and sympathize with her as a victim of barbarity. Her eyes are not properly aligned, giving clear indications of a massive injury and subsequent multiple surgeries. The BBC and UK did their part of giving her proper medical treatment, as it was their responsibility to get her back on her feet. It was only logical as they were the ones who made her popular enough for the Taliban to target in the first place.

However after the attack she was used extensively by the Western media as a tool to defame and malign Pakistan. The western media’s prejudice was quite evident as they made a heroine out of her while ignoring hundreds of other innocent women and children that were being brutally slaughtered every day by the US drone strikes. The Malala incident was undoubtedly used extensively to justify and get support from the international community for intensifying US drone strikes. I have no idea whether she herself clearly understood this exploitation or not, however I do blame her father, as he most probably did understand it all!

She was given multiple International and National awards for her bravery and for the daunting mission she undertook, that is, standing up for education of women in the KPK Province of Pakistan (which has around 5-10% of the total Pakistani women population).

The most prominent of all was her nomination, at such a young age, for the Nobel Peace Prize. It was an honor never ever bestowed upon by any Pakistani, nor anyone else of her age (at least in my opinion), whether she won it or not! It marked her, undoubtedly, as a child activist of one of the highest caliber. In Pakistan a huge percentage of people including myself considered it as an exaggeration of her efforts and capabilities. The west was clearly making a goddess out of her, to execute their own agenda and nothing else!

She and her family stopped living in Pakistan, like all other controversial Pakistani leaders who operate from abroad and don’t want to land a foot in their own country. I really find it hard to believe in their patriotism for their homeland. It is also hard for me to accept that they are given political asylum in the west without any vested interests.

Appalling evidence was seen when she failed to actively denounce the brutal massacre of innocent women and children in Gaza. While the news created havoc around the world and even the strongest of Israeli supporters condemned the massacre in different ways. A UK minister resigned, saying it to be too much to bear on her conscience, the only time Malala gave a statement was for a Pakistani local newspaper which said: “Malala Yousafzai has expressed deep concern over the Gaza-Israel conflict and condemned the violence against innocent civilians, including children.” and that was it!


Just mark the words she used and compare them to those said by the Nobel Peace Laureate Mr. Barak Obama, who as we all know as a huge supporter of the war in the Middle East! “At the White House, President Barack Obama said putting a cease-fire back together would be difficult, but credited Kerry with trying, and said the U.S. would continue its efforts. At the same time, he called the situation in the Mideast ‘‘heartbreaking’’ and said the U.S. wants to see everything possible done to ensure that Palestinian civilians aren’t killed.”


I see a lot of resemblance and correlation of the two, can anyone else?

It was not just that Malala (a Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize) didn’t speak up against the bloodbath in the Middle East at platforms she should and could have, like the UN, the US, the UK and other human right bodies, she had the nerve to ignore it all and proceed to Port of Spain to express solidarity with the children there. The news said “Pakistani schoolgirl activist Malala Yousafzai took a trip to Caribbean where she was not only honoured with scholarships and book signing ceremonies but enjoyed herself with family at gala events and local festivals”. She did this while completely ignoring the horrific events of Gaza!

Please see the Photo from Reuters!


What sort of a human rights and children rights activist is she? Is this how a person on the “Time Magazines 2013″ 100 most influential people of the world ought to behave?


I have also very seriously started doubting the Nobel Prizes (especially the Peace prize) as simply another means of applauding those who stand and support western vested interests and nothing more!

Credits: Muhammad Mustafa Masud



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