“Shia” “Sunni” or Pakistani ?


sunni shia and pakistani
In past few months wave of ethnic killing started in Pakistan . The recent hazara community killing in balauchistan was the extreme. hundred of innocent people were been brutally killed including women and children. In past we’ve seen the incident at babusar where people from a bus were  murdered just because of their ethnicity.

The reason behind this target killing against an ethnic minority is the local extremism, lack of tolerance in society overall and not controlling the extremist groups responsible for such activities. The lack of religious harmony in country is also due to Ullema’s not fulfilling their roles .

This is not just it . The western interests in Baluchistan and overall in this region playing important role . The current decision of  execution of Iran Pakistan pipeline and handing Gawadar to china are the indicators for economic prosperity of Pakistan . This is unacceptable for most of the western countries as well as Gulf states.

All the local groups are been used and financed by those states . They just do what they are been charged up to do . The Solution for all of this is that if there is a State it has to protect its citizens in any way. It is responsibility of Government to take steps on every level no matter what takes it to do so for a better Peaceful and fruitful Pakistan.


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