Chaman Problems



Chaman is a border town situated in the north western border between afghanistan and pakistan.It is an important town of balochistan.Chaman connects Pakistan with neighboring spin boldak in kandahar province of afghanistan.The total population of chaman is under 10,00000.Chaman is the city in which pakistan economy is generated 10%.The city chaman is facing alot of problems like education,Health and women right etc.The education system of chaman is completely destroyed.In chaman there are 163 Government schools except private schools.Which the fomer government organized to improve the education system of chaman but only 38% of childrens are getting education out of 100% and 72% childrens are illiterate.The schools are totally runted in every aspect.Teachers are getting salaries but making it Halal for them to give a visit to school.Like education health system have also the same situation just MSF (NGOS)are working little bit good.Government doctors are busy at their private clink.

Quetta chaman roads are under construction even funded by USAID not by PMAP.More then 40% people got killed in chaman in this government,killed by dump policy.Who is majority belong to adozai tribe PMAP is sillent on it.Now come on the women rights,in this 21th century the chaman women are still with out any rights.They are still victom of child marriages,violence,ignorance and uneducated.The current laws enacted in pakistnanthat the legal age for women to be married is 18th.Many girls in chaman are still married off into a child marriage , and many complications with this can occur as childbirth from child can cause complication with the baby and mother.In chaman many schools are built for girls but so called culture not allow them to educate themselves, although Islam have give the rights to be educated her self.So that’s why chaman women are unable to built their voice against violence.

Balochistan chief minister Dr malik baloch has said his government does not have enough resources to over come the challenges in that education sector.He also said his government needs Rs 36 billion to increase enrolment in school.well respected mr malik baloch!You don’t need money for the betterment of education system but the system need to be checked.In chaman there are more then 163 schools from which just may be 70 schools are providing education and the remaining schools are just by name schools.Now the question arises what ever it is thought that the fund which is provided by government to the high authorities for the betterment of education and health system would it used for human welfare?I am not against the government ,I agree that the government is busy to fulfill their basic needs such as tubewells etc but and women right are also the necessities of their life.

It’s my requet to the government to examine the health and education system an find the people who are involved in this corruption,improve the education as well as health system.By improving health system they could save the lives of thousand poor people.By improving education system that not only eliminate illiteracy,they can give the right to the women to built their voice against violence and can also save the future of those thousand youngsters whose dreams and passions are attracting on a negative way by which million of humans lives being played with it.Whose eyes are shining dreams of the brighter future.They need to give just one chance. Perhaps due to those people Pakistan got theses rising starts who are seeking the year.


  1. Agree,the government should take step against corrupted people….give
    the facilities of education to women that they will be able to raise their
    voice against violence.

  2. Well for your knowledge with respect, political parties aren’t supposed to fund for the construction of infrastructure. Their work is to get the funds from governments and focus them on well fairs.
    Secondly I appreciate your stance on women rights but it’s not just limited to chaman instead it is a national dilemma.


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