Do you know What the “E” is this ?

Event at LSE

These days where ever you see on social media there is an “E” going on . Every one is wondering that “WTE” is going around . I also was

wondering about that what the “E” is this ? . I made my mind and promised myself to interrogate about the “E” . This became my mission to

expose the “E” that people are wondering about. With the evolution of time exposing “E” became my life time mission . I researched and

gave almost 111 hours of my life to explain this “E” at the end i found out that “E” is “E-novation”  an upcoming expo at Lahore School of

Economics, organized and marketed by BBA IV Sec E for their Entrepreneurship & SME Management Course.

“E-novation” will house a total of 56 business start-ups presented by students themselves at Lahore School Burki Campus.

Join us to make our small venture a success and help us spread the word. so that people can understand “WTE” is this.

Event at LSE
Event at LSE


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