Do you know where is World’s Largest fort Ranikot Located ?


Team including Rayhan Sheikh and U.K.Shirvanee explored the World’s Largest fort on planet on their trip back in 2011 .

It was a great honour to visit this Great fort that represents the rich heritage of Pakistan. It seems to be a whole modernised civilisation of the historic times.

The evidence of whole city is still present with its various structures. Regretfully this place is not well managed but adventurous people make their way out.

ranikot fort
ranikot fort

ranikot 2 ranikot 3

Ranikot Fort is situated in the Kirthar Range, about 30 km southwest of Sann, in Jamshoro District, Sindh Province, Pakistan. It is approximately 90 km north of Hyderabad, in vicinity of 25.8965N, 67.9025E.

Ranikot Fort has an approximate diameter of 6 km. Its walls are on the average 6 meters high and are made of gypsum and lime cutsandstone and total circumference is about 20 km. While originally constructed for bow and arrow warfare it was later expanded to withstand firearms.

It is reputed to be the largest unexplored fort in the world. The purpose of its construction and the reason for the choice of its location are still unknown.

Ranikot is the most talismanic wonder of Pakistan and Sindh Province. Visible from five kilometers, its massive undulating walls twist and dip over the hills. With the circumference of about twenty kilometers, its walls, built with dressed sandstone and reinforced with 45 bastions along the outer wall, of which 7 are rectangular and the remaining are round. All modified through the ages to accommodate the use of gunpowder, this perhaps makes it the largest fort in the world.


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