Father and his horrendous task



Fathers are supposed to protect the children and make them feel better about everything. They are supposed to make sure that the child lives a healthy and protected life. But instead this incident tells us a lot about the other side of this world where things are dark and not picture perfect. There are fathers in this world for which money and personal gain is much more important than the child they have brought to this world. Sometimes human weakness crosses all boundaries and makes us wonder and question the working of this organ we call brain inside our body.

This father wanted to earn some good cash and hence decided to use his daughter to do that. He stuffed a huge amount of cocaine inside her mouth so that it rested safely inside her stomach. This was to avoid detection of the drugs and so that he could easily take them to the place he wanted to.

The drugs exploded inside this kid’s stomach and she was taken to the hospital in a state of emergency where the doctor declared that she could have died if she had been brought in any later. The doctors treated this kid and then she was safely put to sleep. As soon as the father found out that she was fine now, he fled the hospital because he was aware that he would now be subjected to interrogation and possible conviction once the report reached the local police. Moreover, it must also be known that the child was on her way to Spain with her father and had just boarded a plane when this event transpired


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