Gham aur bhi hain, Muhabbat k Siwa


This article is specially for our youth that is going no where unfortunately. Those who are being educated are deprived on religious knowledge. Those who stood for religion are less concerned about worldly knowledge in general. There is an odd in between which are moderate and even better in both but the odd is very uncommon. In this part of the world where there is highest percentage of youth between 14 and 24 there are very little resources to enhance their abilities, develop their skills and make them competent for future. This is something very serious. Another major problem is the rich poor gap. Youth who has all facilities and opportunities available have completely different issues than the later. Poor youth is more concerned about how to earn. They have no choice of their own while selecting career other than what is being paid more in market. Rich youth has full choice on selecting career and they are less concerned about the job market.

Both youth comes under the same umbrella when it comes to social factor. What social factor ?, that is the presence of love games in our society. The confused youth with no direction is influenced so much by internalisation of “Yash Raj” factor. “Yash Raj” factor ? yes the youth of this nation has been exposed to sort of movies that propagate intense situations and emotions involving love. The love of Rahul and Simran, Anjali and Raj yes you are comming up with many more in your mind right ?? . All this that was being exposed is unfortunately started to be practised too. The other unfortune was that there was less room for that in our society and this led to more problems which a director can’t control like in movies. Producers have very limited resources and less abilities shown by the real actors the love birds leads to fatal consecuences. Consecuences includes hurting themselves by knife cuts, jumping from 20 feet high roof and surviving loosing the leg and arms, Loosing money on one’s Simran and ending up becomming a “mamoo” in future.Well lets come to the other side. while youth is confused and involved in such activities there are many more real problems that must be resolved. People are living below the poverty line. children in poor localities are being born malnourished and exposed to dirty environment that leads to cause many diseases. Government hospitals treat the poor with no interest and they choose to die rather to live with hunger. 70 % of water in Pakistan is not pure at all. With no job opportunities and more hunger, theft and robberies is becomming a routine. Politicians are exploiting the nation in the name of Democracy.

They are more concerned about saving their children from their black deeds than making the Nations’s children future secure. In so called free judiciary lower courts are being bribed on daily basis. Lapses in Law lead the culprits to be freed without being convicted. Bureocracy with all its powers and authority has no mood to work at all. The Question here is what we the 60% youth is doing to ourselves. Is’nt there need to do something for our Nation. What we need is to get off with our personal issues and issues that are meaningless. Make our own lives competent by taking more interest in constructive activities and do good for this Nation. It is a humble request not to be used by anyone any party any personality compromising your Aim. If you have idle time then do participate. We Are gifted with this Nation and we are the one’s who will make this gift an ideal place . U.K.Shirvanee)


  1. Thanks yes media has Power but its not whole truth that is being projected and not everything is there to be practiced 🙂 for mistakes time will take to improve 🙂

  2. hmmmmmm…
    good one…with some grammatical errors… u emphasized much on “yash raj” factor …… influence of this factor indicates the gap in our soft powers …when we acknowledge the fact that media has power then we need to emphasis on our “yash raj” , nd this is fact that our writers/producers used to point out realities of life in a very good manner..lets hope we will start working in this direction…..


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