I faded, but I brought the green back



I faded, I faded.

This winter, I lost my self in the mist, and I took my body along, you know, both my hands and feet. Those hands who use to love scribbling letters and feet who toured the street leading to school every past morning. I know, I know you think I am such a brutally self centered kid, departed without an inch of solicitude. But I’ve left plenty of my belongings amongst you all, my life lane, my dream, my memories, I never seized them in that wooden coffin, I left without them. And one more souvenir that I granted before leaving, something you’ll always be proud of, the green in our flag.

I knew we were at war, we were taught in class. Our teacher told us. The same one who was burnt alive. I could witness her being incinerated, but I wasn’t supposed to let that happen. Our Islamiyat teacher taught us that saving one human life, is saving humanity. I weakly attempted to help, but I failed. She died. my teacher died.

death. a lesson that I learnt a few days back. We were taught that we’re all mortal, will have to return to the divine one day, but I didn’t knew Allah loved me that much that he called me back so early. I didn’t even gave my exams. But it’s okay, I wasn’t the only one favorited by Allah, plenty of my friends tagged along. Isn’t this great maa? All of us, hand in hand will stroll and wander through the lanes of Jannah, and honestly maa, it’s a lot beautiful here.

146 bullets, the sheer red blood, our cries and begs, our burial did one good. We bought our Pakistan back. That uncle who lived two houses away, yes the same one who always use to quarrel with his neighbors? He is now a good man. All that cursing, swearing, hatred, all that black soot has vanished. One’s with long and short beards, the blacks and browns, they all have withdrawn defining Islam differently, That facebook friend of mine from Lahore who always use to be proud of living in the heart, even he has given up his stand today. My death is symbolically a flying dove maa. I thought I was waving my last good bye to you all,  But my entire nation was there to see me off. I am glad I was chosen maa, But I know, some where in your heart, you still want your son back.

I am sorry, I can’t come back home right now. But you know, I am fine. Just tell our government that those people who were armed with bombs and guns, they don’t have good schools back home. They’re taught wrong teachings. They misuse Allah’s and his Prophet (PBUH)’s name. They were older and broad, and more powerful than I was, But I still knew what Islam is, and they didn’t. I bet they were wrong. So, ask all our uniformed brave soldiers to go get them, they shouldn’t be killing any more of my friends. And convey my love to my Pakistanis. Tell them, that I am thankful, tell them that I wish that they’d always stay together like this. Don’t let them forget me maa, Don’t ever let that green go dull. Be patient, and know, that I loved my country very much.

Terrorists, ON YOUR FACE. Our kids are stronger, smarter and spiritually sound than you animals.


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