Imran Khan and Lahore: new strategies!


Imran Khan and Lahore on 28th September 2014

After maintaining his strong standing in Islamabad for over a month now, Imran Khan commenced spreading his footing throughout the country. He declared that his party will be conducting rallies throughout Pakistan and after gathering over 500,000 individuals in Karachi last week, he intends to recreate history in Lahore.

This Sunday, the tsunami of Imran Khan will flood the roads of Lahore and the second ‘Qaid’ will address the nation from Minar-e-Pakistan. The youth is filled with the fire to support their leader and the desire to enlist him with their aid in building the ‘Naya Pakistan’ he dreams of. From youngsters screaming ‘Go Nawaz Go’ at the top of their lungs to children urging their parents to join this army, everyone has been consumed by the fire.

Imran intends to reach out to the general public instead of restricting his encouraging and motivational speeches to the capital. He wants to overcome the barrier that the ethnic and geographical along with the provincial divisions create. He wants to reach out to an average Punjabi as much as he does to a Sindhi. He is not dreaming to rule Pakistan but become a leader for all nationals equally.

The former cricketer believes that he has given up his family and his personal comfort for the better of this nation and the 18 year old struggle is finally paying off. He smiles with tear filled eyes when he sees the average man stand up for his right and raise his voice. This is the Pakistan he believes Iqbal and Jinnah dreamt of.


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