My Daughter my Business, I am Pakistan !!


In our part of world and insane society daughters are so unfortunate that they are used in many different ways. In some regions of our society they are challenged by the traditional customs of “Vani” (young marriages) just to resolve and settle issues between tribes young girls are forced to marry person of the opposition . They are also faced with Honour killing “Karo Kari” where after been accused of minor issues of not giving divorce to being accused of adultery they are been killed for honour of their family.

The other side of picture is our so called Elite class where daughters are been used to increase wealth of families. It is more of a business deal than a marriage. The girl from a rich family is only allowed to get married within the family just to not letting go family business and wealth to other families. Most of the times the girls are not willing getting married but they have to do so for their families and family business.

The most strange practise is done when due to lack of resources and extreme poverty Daughters of this nation become Public property. They are used and abused just because they have nothing else to do for living or belonging to families that are not considered prestigious in society and labelled as they are made to do this. It is also a fact that some of this is done for sake of getting more and has now become a profession as our value system is so much transformed. Our culture is missing and in adaptation to change we as a nation as a society are changed so much to be Insane.

It is time to stand against these customs and traditions at individual and societal level. For this and our next generation that is confused now and will end up in a state of cultural confusion that will lead us to nothing but disgrace .


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