Operation Zarb-e-Azb: An aim to root out terrorism from Pakistan



Current Pakistan Government, PMLN, wanted to do peace talks with the Taliban. They started it with full commitment as they want peace in Pakistan. But Taliban, on the other hand, never respected the Government’s sincerity towards the peace talks. Even after the agreement of ceasefire, Taliban were busy in doing bomb blasts throughout the country and on the Army personnel as well.

Still Government wanted to give a chance to Taliban and asked them to have negotiations. This thing came to an end after a brutal attack on Karachi airport in the first week of June. That was enough. Several militants attacked Karachi airport which resulted in the loss of several lives. That was the end of peace talks.

Finally after the Taliban’s cheap behaviour and the failure of peace talks as well, Pakistan Government has decided to launch an operation to kill all the terrorists in North Waziristan Agency.  The operation has been named as Zarb-e-Azb. The basic focus of this operation to root out terrorism from Pakistan, to get rid of all the terrorists hiding in North Waziristan Agency and to clean this agency from the terrorists so that Pakistan become peaceful. Operation Zarb-e-Azb has been started by Pakistan Army on the consent of Pakistan Government.

People who were living in the agency are those who are affected by this operation. These people left their homes just for the sake of Pakistan’s peace. We must respect them. Tribal people were those who were the main affecters of the Taliban hiding in North Waziristan Agency. Pakistan Army has started clean-up operation and with the help of Tribal people, Pakistan Army will change the destiny of North Waziristan. Pakistan Army will change the agency into a peaceful, prosperous and a developed area. The agency will not remain as a no go area.

Pakistan Army has done it in the past. Swat operation was conducted by Pakistan Army. After the operation, Pakistan Army had developed the area and now there is peace in Swat. The operation conducted in South Waziristan also resulted in the same thing i.e. Kill all the terrorists and change the agency into the peaceful, prosperous and a developed area. Same thing will happen in North Waziristan Agency so that the people who are living there can live a fearless life.

Pakistan Army Zindabad…!!!


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