Top 10 Reasons of Mental Disorders


Mental health is very important and people should be informed and familiarized about the issues regarding mental health. With the increase in physical diseases, people are also experiencing mental problems that are increasing day by day and it is a very critical health problem. Mental problems can be lessened by using the proper treatments and care. Mental diseases influence persons, families and then communities generally. Many countries in the world are seeking permanent remedies for the people suffering from mental disorders. Many organizations and institutions in the world are promoting awareness to the people for the identification of early symptoms and give timely support to the concerned persons. Here are the top ten reasons of mental illness for the awareness of people so that they can avoid the causes for the mental health of themselves and their loved ones.

10. Poor Nutrition

It is a fact that poor nutrition not just causes physical disorders but affects mental condition also. Whatever the diet we take in to our body, our brain gives responses to it that results in our behavior, mood and the overall function of our brain. To understand this cause, you can imagine that at sometime you were hungry and wanted to eat something urgently to fulfill your energy requirement but you had to wait for food. This situation caused annoyance of wanting and mood response was not good at that time. In the same way, if a person takes sufficient amount of food according to the body requirements of energy, it generates good mood response and healthy body activities. This may be possible because of the neurotransmitter that stores levels of chemicals which are dependent on the amount of food that a person intakes.

9. Exposure to Toxins

Toxins are the heavy metals which are usually presents in food supply, soil, water and air. Our environment in this modern period is not guaranteed safe to human being especially to children due to the widespread contamination. This contamination is a high risk for human health that causes physical diseases and also affects human brain. The regular exposure to these heavy metals leads to poisoning. This poisoning affects the individuals and causes the destruction of human abilities.

The more destroying effects are neuro-psychiatric disturbances that may initiate from simple irritation, fatigue and memory loss. The higher exposure to toxins causes headache, aggressive behavior, hypertension, and kidney dysfunction.

8. Brain Chemistry

Most of the health experts call brain chemistry as brain wiring also. Serious studies have been done to find the relation of brain chemistry with different kinds of individual behaviors that make a personality. According to the research of Professor Valenstein about the biochemistry of mental illness, there are several theories about the link of mental illness to the brain wiring, but it’s still no perfect theory found. It could be possible due to the chemicals that affected the formation of the brain resulting in the biochemical imbalance in the brain.

7. Personal Problems/Negative Experiences

Tolerance level among persons varies for different type of problems. If a person successfully overcomes certain problems in life, it does not mean that the person is already strong, but at times it still dwells in the person. It is really up to the person’s point of view and attitude in life as to how he or she will be affected by it. However, many people are unable to cope-up to the ill-fated circumstances that come to their life. It affects the social state of the person and especially it may result to destructive patterns or behaviors that may harm one’s own life and the people around him.

6. Psychological Trauma

The persons who are suffering psychological trauma are most probable to develop a severe state of mental disturbance and hallucination caused by specific experience that they cannot shun away from their system, and keeps coming reverse in their minds. Some of these disturbances are the result of non-respecting behavior of others towards the right of individuals and also the environmental factors which are affect to them. The center of attention is more on what the person feels, thinks and what his or her mind read outs. Psychological trauma occurs if it is sudden and there is a repetition of the state of affairs and one is not ready for it, and is under the helpless situation. Some of its symptoms are anxiety, remoteness from others, insomnia, numbness and mood swings.

5. Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is one of the general reasons of mental illness now a day due to outside associations influence and current issues with any family member. Most of the people who are addicted to prohibited drugs have problems at home, and in relationship with nearest and dearest. A high impact of substance abuse is there on cocaine, alcohol, inhalants and other types of drug. The exploitation of it will result to harsh behavioral outlines like compulsiveness, hallucination, paranoia, depression, and violent behavior.

4. Infections

Infections that affect the mental state of someone are classified under the chronic mental illness. In reality, it could cause psychiatric symptoms in subsequent to infections like pneumonia, urinary tract infection, diphtheria, herpes, malaria, typhoid, sepsis, and worst HIV most probably due to direct parasitic infections. If infections will not be identified at its prior stage, it may result to health deterioration.

3. Brain Injury/Defects

Brain injury results to mental illness. If there is a developed head trauma, it might result to psychotic disorder. However, it is not always the same reason as in accordance with mental health experts, a history must be recalled to a diagnose or conclude that an individual has also some negative behaviors that will lead to mental illness. a change or effect is seen to people who had experienced head trauma particularly if it is of severe type that could affect to someone’s  way of thinking, understanding things, and even their feelings. It is vital that kind of patient must be brought immediately to hospital for immediate tests and examinations.

2. Prenatal Damage

Prenatal Damage is one of the reasons of mental illness. The pregnant mothers should care their immature baby developing inside them. Their body development is critical above all their brain. Balanced diet, necessary intake of vitamins and avoidance of beverages and abuse drugs should be avoided that might harm the baby. Parental damage may result to worst miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight and cognitive problems. This is the motive why pregnant women are recommended to have a regular medical check-up and full care.

1. Genetics

Some of the genes disorders like schizophrenia and manic depression are also the hereditary or genetics cause of mental illness. In medical language, mental problem is always linked with more than one gene that happens due to different genes found in various chromosomes in its large populations. A study conducted in 1980 verified this fact, because of their detection of two genes in some persons who were diagnosed of manic depression. In a family who has record of mental disorder, that specific genes could be passed on, but it could only be activated if one is exposed to chemicals or medications which are vulnerable to increase mental illness. The identification of genetic disorder needs sequence of tests for one to be proven that he or she might be at risk to this genetic disorder or not.


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