What’s About to Happen in Pakistan?


Situated between Iran, Afghanistan,China and India, Pakistan is a country which has very unique strategic and historical significance in the region. This country of almost 200 million people got independence from the British imperial rule on 14th August 1947 and since then the country has seen a lot of ups and downs.

The country’s founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah died soon afterwards the creation of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan the trusted companion of Mr. Jinnah was assassinated in the fourth year of Pakistan. Although people here in Pakistan haven’t written much about these early years, the reality is that soon after the creation of Pakistan, the ideological founders were eliminated one by one. Why? To make sure that the country disappears from the map. But Pakistan persisted. Weak, injured and bleeding, the country survived. The damage however had been done.

Pakistan was created so that the people could get rid of the imperialist system, the dominance of the status-quo, religious intolerance, injustice and inequality, this however was never allowed to be done. Elimination of ideological founders paved the way for corrupt leaders,these leaders took steps and passed reforms to cement their position and enslave the masses to the system, to the corrupt system.

In the 60’s and 70’s a series of reforms was passed under the title of agricultural reforms which allowed wealthy landlords and capitalists to control large amounts of agricultural land with almost complete tax immunity (bear in mind that there is still no tax over agricultural income in Pakistan).

When you have corrupt politicians at the helm of affairs, you cannot expect them to do a single good thing, this is also one of the major drawbacks of Democracy. Good leaders make democracy look good whereas bad leaders make democracy look demonic. The first thing that bad leaders go for is the electoral process, by taking control of the elections and placing their stooges in key positions victory can be ensured, then what happens to the mandate of the people? Well the people can vote every 4 years, this is all they need to do and then go back to hibernation once again. This is the typical case of a corrupt democracy which is headed by corrupt leaders.

This is applicable on Pakistan, except that the condition of Pakistans government and corruption is much much worse. The country has been facing a total administrative and bureaucratic nightmare since the last 30 years, but the last 6 years in particular have been very bad. According to the most recent reports, gang rapes have increased so much that after every 3 minutes an incident of rape occurs and the criminals are NEVER caught, because they bribe their way to freedom and continue their monstrous acts. This leads us to the totally devastated system of police in the country. More than 50% of the people in the country do not report crimes to police because they know that nothing will happen and in some cases (I am a witness to this) when the affected people have gone to the police to register a report, they have been severely harassed by the police. In reality, there is no police force in Pakistan, criminals are disguised as police personnel to give a legal cover to their crimes.

On June 17th, Police in the province of Punjab massacred 14 unarmed men and women in cold blood upon the orders of the Chief Minister of the province. Why? Simply because the people belonged to an organization/political party which has raised the slogan for a social and political revolution in Pakistan to bring an end to corruption and dynastic politics in the country. Furthermore they injured over 100 people and to this day the government has not lodged an FIR against the perpetrators despite repeated applications by the families of the martyrs.

On July 28th, a minority community was targeted by a group of terrorists who belonged to on extremist mindsets and shared their ideology with a banned terrorist organization, the 3 members of the faith known as “Qadianism” were burned alive, their home was ransacked and set ablaze. What action was taken by the government? None – not even a single officer was suspended.

Last week, a boy almost 10 years old was abducted by a landlord who then amputated the boy’s arms because of a personal feud with the boy’s father. Was any action taken by the government? None, yes the CM Punjab visited the boy, but that was just an empty PR event, the landlord is still free whereas the young boy is disabled for life.

A couple of years ago, some boys had an argument during a cricket match which turned violent, as a result 2 boys were beaten up severly by the mob and the police, they were dragged through the streets, crucified and then their bodies were set alight right in front of their relatives. Later when the Judicial inquiry took place, the boys were found innocent, furthermore police officers were found guilty of not just being inactive instead they were found to be the main perpetrators of the incident, the court ordered them to be executed and then they were executed! Right? No, no one was executed, or arrested or even punished, the orders of the court were just a mere formality and the police officers were later freed as a result of an under the table deal.

On December 26th 2013, a boy named Shahzaib was shot dead by a 20-year-old son of a landlord! The Shahzaib Murder case received immediate media attention as it had taken place in the port city of Karachi. Shahrukh was arrested with his accomplices, the murder weapon was recovered, he even testified that he had killed Shahzaib, was he punished? Nope, the court merely sentenced him for life and now according to sources, Shahrukh lives like a prince in a V.I.P cell with all the facilities anyone could hope for.

I can go on and on with all the details,the fact of the matter is that Pakistan is facing a total internal collapse, the government is nowhere to be seen. Target killers roam in the streets with impunity, kidnappers and extortionists carry out their activities without any fear and send the due share to the police for their support in keeping off their trail. Corporate criminals are hollowing out the country from within, the country has already reached its debt ceiling. We are at a point where the government is taking more loans to pay off previous loans.

What is even more astonishing is that Pakistani politicians have almost $200 laundered money safely in the Swiss bank. According to a report if all the amount is brought back into the country, the people can have 30 consecutive years of tax-free budgets. The province of Baluchistan has vast reserves of Gold, Platinum, Oil, Gas, Coal and other rare metals all of these reserves are being sold to international companies by the corrupt politicians for kick backs. Simply the revenue generated by Rekodic goldmines can sustain the entire country for years.

What will happen now?

The coming weeks are going to be the most decisive ever in the history of this country. Dr.Qadri a prominent Islamic scholar and the leader of what he has termed as a “Green Revolution” in Pakistan is all set to announce his call for a revolution. Dr.Qadri started his movement almost 30 years ago and since then he has worked tirelessly to make the people realise that this country is in dire need of a social and political change. On December 23rd 2012, Dr.Qadri returned to Lahore and was welcomed by a gathering of over 1 million people. Dr.Qadri addressed the historic gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan, where he invited all political forces to come together and sort out the issues facing the country. His proposal and demands weren’t met so he announced a Long March in January 2013 for the much-needed electoral reforms.

The Islamabad Long March was yet again another feat for Dr.Qadri when a crowd a millions gathered at the state capital for 5 days and nights. For 5 days, unarmed and peaceful men, women and children occupied Islamabad and finally the government buckled under the pressure and came down to negotiate with Dr.Qadri. A joint declaration was signed where the government agreed to carry out electoral reforms and reform the Election Commission to ensure free and fair elections. But just days after the Long March, the government refused to abide by the declaration their own Prime Minister had signed, as a result Dr.Qadri announced that he had no choice but to remove the corrupt government with the power of the people, the same people who give mandate to the government through elections, also reserve the right to take back the mandate if the government fails to fulfill its sacred promise.

Dr.Qadri has prepared millions of revolutionaries who are ready to take to the streets peacefully and “Occupy Pakistan” till the time the current setup changes. One has to keep in mind that Dr.Qadri is not calling for a change in the government instead he is advocating a total change of the prevalent system in Pakistan, because this system is inherently flawed, it has only spawned corrupt and ineligible politicians in the last 60 years. Dr.Qadri has already prepared an alternate system which will be implemented in Pakistan in the coming few days. However as long as the current government is in power, one can expect them to go to any extent to crush any opposition, they have already massacred many people, therefore the coming few days are vital for the survival of Pakistan.

It is up to the people of Pakistan now, if they want to live and breathe as free citizens of a country their forefathers died fighting for, then they must come out, not in support of Dr. Qadri, but to eliminate the system which has given them nothing but inflation, rape, terrorism, murder and misery.

By Danial Ahmed


  1. I respect all what you have said… but rape every 3 minutes, are you out of your mind? I live in Pakistan as well and I think mobilise more than anyone in different cities for work commitments but I hardly see any incident like this. Don’t just read news papers, please know the ground realities as well before quoting any thing about Pakistan. Please edit the thing and remove that part.


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