Apple iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4: What Should You Settle For?


After Apply introduced their recent new smartphone to the market, which is the gold iPhone 5s, it gave its main competitor Samsung an idea to rival it the soonest and that is by releasing a gold Galaxy S4.

According to Heavy, the first set of details about it is still unclear but it was from a Saudi Arabia twitter that the news started. Its pricing and availability specs are also unknown as of present time.

For now, many are still confused with what to get between the two giant phones of today, the Apple iPhone 5s or the Samsung Galaxy S4. Here are some details to help you decide better on your final choice.

First off, the iPhone 5s is more solidly built as always compared to Samsung. And now that it is made available in better colour options makes it all the more classy in silver, space gray and gold too. The Galaxy S4 is lighter but because it is made out of plastic material. However, it does not level up with the top-tier make of the 5s.

With the display, the S4 is better off with its larger and sharper screen as compared to the brighter LCD of Apple. And of course, who can top off for now the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner? It won’t take long though before some other tech company comes up with something similar as the fingerprint feature of the 5s.

For the interface and software features, the Galaxy S4 may be ahead of the iPhone 5s with its “split screen multitasking” options along with the customization offers with its lock screen element, Discovery News reports. It is all with the help of the TouchWiz UI of the S4.

If the iPhone 5s has the fingerprint scanner special feature, the Galaxy S4 is proud of its Air Gestures when it comes to answering the phone or even skipping tracks with the music player. Moreover, it can work as your remote control for changing channels right across the room.

The S4 still has higher MP but with battery life, both offers decent length of use. The iPhone 5s promised two added hours  compared to its older phone version, the iPhone 5.

All in all, the iPhone 5s can lead you to features where the Galaxy S4 may have already excelled in at a particular beat, insists. Hence, it the fingerprint sensor should not always be your sole reason why you are getting the newer 5s. The Galaxy S4 still can be able to live up with the sleek introduction of the 5s lately.


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