Chinese company to enhance capacity of power plants


KARACHI: China Water and Electric Corporation (CWEC) is ready to provide all possible technical assistance in enhancing capacity of power plants, said CWEC President Wang Yu.

Leading a five-member delegation, Yu said this in a meeting with Sindh Minister for Power Shazia Marri at the minister’s office on Monday. Power generation based on water, furnace oil, wind and solar sources and CWEC’s expertise and technical support was discussed in the meeting.

“CWEC can offer financial and technical assistance in establishing a hydropower plant on the Sukkur Barrage. The company is looking forward to starting work on the proposed plant,” he added.

He pointed out that Sindh has great potential for power generation through natural resources and the electricity shortage could be overcome by establishing plants based on water, coal, wind and solar resources.

Marri said that developments in the energy sector were unavoidable because the demand for power has increased, which could only be addressed by establishing new plants based on alternative energy resources.

“The Sindh government has already put the energy sector on top of its priorities,” said the minister. “Feasibility reports on establishing hydropower plants on five locations on the Indus River, especially the Sukkur Barrage, have been recognised as having the most potential,” she added.

Marri said that CWEC and the Sindh government were keen on stepping up efforts for establishing power plants in the province. She said that CWEC would send its engineers to prepare a construction plan for the power plant on Sukkur Barrage and during that period, all other matters, especially the amount of investment, would be finalised.

She said that Chinese delegates had been provided necessary documents so that they could work out their plan.

Marri said that CWEC has 60 years of experience while The Three Gorges First Wind Company (TGFWC) has 17 years of experience and has constructed big power projects in different countries.

TGFWC is already working with the federal government on different projects, one of which is a 720-megawatt power plant.

The minister said that the Chinese delegates also met with representatives of the Sindh Coal Authority.


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