Prices of summer electronics increased in local markets


ISLAMABAD: Prices of summer required electronics including air coolers, refrigerators, fans and water dispensers increased in the local markets of the capital city.

With rise in temperature, the demand for these items goes up and the retailers increased the rates by Rs300 to Rs500 per item.

Shoppers complained that the increase in prices is unjustified and claimed that the new prices is more than few months ago rates.

Electronics shop owner said that the current rise in prices is not by them, they sale these items on companies fixed rates.

Traditional Air cooler manufacturer said that the prices of required material raised in the market, because of that the prices goes up by per item Rs300.

Shopper Rahim Ullah said that few days earlier he bought air cooler on Rs6000, but now the same cooler price is Rs6600.

Similarly the prices of Juicer, water dispenser and refrigerators increased, creating problems for the people.


APP (Associated Press of Pakistan), 2011



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