Festival: An educational opportunity


LAHORE: “Learning is not confined to classrooms. As teachers, our goals should be to change the lives of children wherever possible,” Nusrat Jabeen, the Progessive Education Network (PEN) Training and Development manager said. She was chaperoning the children to the fourth day of the International Children’s Film Festival on Tuesday.

Jabeen, who works with government schools, has been bringing 500 students to the Ali Institute each morning since the first day of the event.

She said the schools have seen it as an opportunity to educate the children through the films. “The visits to the event will also help train these children in discipline, exposure and community awareness,” she said.

The screening began with Morse Collectors, a short Irish film, directed by David Cooke, set in a war torn city, where two siblings escape to find shelter.

“We love cartoons films,” Ayesha Javed, a Bhopal Nagar Gulberg Public School student said. It was the first time she had ever visited a film screening.

Anwar Sabswari, a teacher at the Higher Secondary School System, too said that film screening could be used as an important teaching tool. “The festival allows children to improve their English skills through practical experience,” she said.

She said that it was an opportunity for public school children to experience animated films in an environment they were normally not accustomed to.

Sidra Dilshad, a teacher with the Teach a Child Programme, said students were adjusting to various languages.

The screening also included the animated film, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The movie was about a town where food fell from the skies instead of water when it rained.


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