University of London and Pakistani Prodigies


So we all are well aware of the fact that the University of London has managed to provide education to millions of students all over the globe. Not only are students going from every corner of the world to study at this old and prestigious university but also has made sure that those who cannot make it there, still get the same level of education.

So what are we exactly trying to say here? We are simply talking about the exchange program that allows you to study in any place and any part of the world of your own choice, pay half the fee that the students studying directly there are paying and also get the same exact degree. This is a huge and very convenient opportunity provided by the university and has also been made excellent use of by the students of all nations.

The students who have made excellent use of it this year belong to our very own nation. There were many students who managed to attain brilliant results and not only that were able to secure distinctions. We have a world distinction in the common law and institutes department. Moreover, there are also national distinctions in the law of criminals.

Then there are people like Hassan Niazi who manage to secure first class honors degrees and get enrolled at Harvard Law School. All these accomplishments are excellent and hopeful for our nation and one of the best news that this year has given us. The academics and legal people must be very happy that Pakistan is finally leaving the era of lawlessness and there are young lawyers who wish to restore a higher degree of law to this country.


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