Big Bird Day 2014



On the 16th of Feb, 2014 few Pakistani wildlife enthusiasts thought that it’s high time to do something in collaboration with someone so that the name of our country is projected in a very positive manner.

An Initiative taken by few wildlife photographers from Pakistan went to an national level event. Pakistan for the very first time celebrated the Big Bird Day under the guidance of ebird and Bird Bird India chapter. This is a day when teams go out and note down the number of species of birds in a particular area.Once around 300 species from a region are counted this data becomes authentic. The effort was a budging one and was recognized by the Times of India.

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Bilal K Qazi & Awais Ali Sheikh two of the country representatives spoke on this occasion that it was an effort by a team and not an individual. This currently was under the Indian chapter but soon people would start realizing the importance of Eco-System and Biodiversity and thus more people would join the cause. We wish all the success to the Nature Photographers out there.

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