Celebrating Eid ul Adha in Pakistan


After a long wait of two months and ten days, we finally have a reason to celebrate – Eid ul Adha! Like every year, this celebration comes with much to look forward to and also much to do in terms of preparation. Like a typical Pakistani Muslim, my Eid begins a couple of weeks before the actual event. Both working professionals as well as students look forward to the much awaited, three day long Eid holidays. Men, Women and kids all start shopping for clothes and shoes many days in advance so they could avoid the inevitable traffic jams and busy market places.

Shopping for Fashion

As Eid of 2014 approaches women want to shop for latest fashion trends, shirts have gone shorter and materials slightly more formal. The weather is slightly more bearable to wear chiffon and silks. For working women, who have little time to invest in clothing, there are many readymade options available in both formal and casual clothes. Pair your lovely outfit with nice khussas, chapals or stiletto heels.

When it comes to men’s fashion, the choice is limitless. Gone are the days of same old boring plain white shalwar kameez. Men too, want to try new colors and styles. New kurtas for men with threadwork around the collar and cuffs come in fun bright colors like pink, ferozi and even melon yellow. There are many options in footwear as well. You can either go for a complete traditional look in khussas or Peshawari Chapal or opt for a more modern look with loafers or dress shoes. That’s the beauty of shalwar kameez, it can be both dressed up as well as dressed down.

Shopping for Food

From the beginning of the day all till the end, food remains the main focus of both the Eids. On Eid ul Adha one staple item is the goat. There are many options to use the meat you have sacrificed. People usually cook it as rice, a curry, make yummy kebabs or host a barbecue for family and friends. Desserts are also every person’s weakness. Opt for traditional desserts like kheer, kulfafaloda, jalebis and/or gulabjamun.

In order to avoid last chaos another good option would be to order online. Website like kaymu.pk and justforgirls.pk are a good option for latest trends in clothes, footwear and many other necessary Eid items. Simply order online at reasonable price and get all essentials delivered to your doorstep. Shipping is free and cash on delivery. A few useful tips to help you go through the hectic, fun-filled days would be to prepare in advance. Order clothes and shoes in advance, decide on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner and get all your preparation started. Happy holidays!

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