Eid-Ul-Fitr – Meethi Eid


Eid-ul-Fitr an Arabic word which means festivity. The Eid event is just around the corner which is why hussle and bustle can be observed in the Eid bazaars. Many people seem complaining about the prices but everyone seems busy to prepare for Eid one way or another.

Sweets, Cakes, Desserts

Eid-ul-Fitr is also considered to be a ‘Sweet Eid’ as desserts, cakes and many sweet dishes are especially being prepared for the day. It is our custom to exchange sweets on this auspicious occasion to built firm relations with one another. After 26th of Ramadan, sharp surge is observed in people buying habit for sweets. Companies and hotels have started placing orders to keep up with the public demand. Chocolates, tutti frutti, and other desi flavored sweets like Gulab jaman are on the top of the list.

Clothing, Shoes, Accessories

Eid collections for men, women and kids by famous Pakistani designers are in the market. Current trend is being followed by the designers’ i.e. long shirts with palazzos for women Eid collections. For men, traditional shalwar Qameez designs by Alkaram, Chenone, Nomi Ansari, Eden Robe etc. are selling. For kids, funky outfits like tops, pants, t-shirts; traditional kurtas and dressing style is also followed like in the collection of Maria B.

Chaand Raat Festivals

Chaand Raat festivals are being organized on a night before Eid. Stalls of Mehndi and Churriyan used to set up. Most women tends to purchase churiyan (bangles) and have Mehndi on their hands through these festivals as chaand raat has its own charm.

Eid Gifts and Eiddi

Handing over Eid gifts is also one of our traditions. On Eid families and friends gather to exchange happiness through Eid gifts. Eiddi is a term used for the money being given to the younger siblings of the family. There is a special portion being prescribed in our religion which is obligatory to give on Eid day. Term of ‘Fitrana’ is referred which means Zakat ul Fitr.

Therefore, Muslims looks forward to Eid when third or last ashra of Ramadan starts. They begin preparing by buying dresses, shoes and accessories like churriyan. Eid is a gift for Muslims who fast 29 or 30 days of Ramadan. That is the reason why Muslims all around the world celebrate Eid on first of Shawwal.


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