Pakistani startup secured 1st Runner up position at Angel Hack Dubai


Metikulous, A Pakistani startup secured joint 1st Runners up position at a hackathon organized by AngelHack. The event took place at The Cribb, which is a startup accelerator initiative by Innovation360 and Turn8. The teams were competing to build from concept to a working product in 24 hours.

Metikulous was awarded for their idea of an application called Scribill. Scribill is a financial dashboard for the automation of financial summaries received by the system through emails and manual uploads. It extracts, auto categorizes and delivers analytics based on the expenses and income. It gives a user insight about his expenses, key spending areas and helps in decision making to cut costs and expenses.

The team of Metikulous was lead by Mr. Sultan Saadat, Founder of Metikulous, followed by Mr. Wasif Jahangir, Co-founder and Mr. Imran Ansari, the Business Development Manager. Along with the team of Metikulous, Mr. Ali Hamidi, CTO of Friendshippr, was also collaborating to help achieve the goals.

Introduction of Metikulous

Metikulous is a Pakistani start up based out of Lahore that is lead by Mr. Sultan Saadat and an amazing team of developers. Metikulous holds the expertise in various software development areas such as, mobile applications, ERP, CRM, Report management systems, etc. The team is fully qualified with knowledge of multiple programming languages and is flexible and capable enough to adopt the rapidly changing technologies in the IT industry



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