Sari remix in PFDC Fashion Week!


Saris don’t always have to conform to tradition. And we are so happy it’s getting an overhaul. Say goodbye to the days when wearing a sari consisted of an army of pins and constant rearranging. Here are some uber-sexy styles we love:

Belted Sari: 

A belt around your sari (especially if you wear it with the pallu folder to make it narrow) looks super trendy. We’ve seen Aisha Noon wear a pretty belt over a beautiful number by Mahgul, while Tara Mehmood was also spotted at the Lamha premiere in Karachi, spicing up her Indian block printed sari with a gold belt. Amna Ilyas at the Zinda Bhaag premiere in Lahore, too, went with a dainty black belt around her sari.


Who would’ve thought that suspenders, traditionally worn by old English men smoking pipes, would grace India’s runways? Indian designer Masaba Gupta presented her debut collection for design house Satya Paul at Wills India Fashion Week 2013, and these palazzo/suspender/sari combinations really hit the spot. Neon suspenders paired with Gupta’s love of prints give off a fun, quirky vibe, and we think suspenders are here to stay.


Maxi Saris:

Misha Lakhani’s collection Configurations at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013 featured the maxi sari, an effortless, East-meets-West take on the sari. We love how wearable this is, especially since it incorporates all the drapery of a sari without the difficulty of actually producing those drapes, as would be done in a traditional sari



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