Funny Moments of Brett Lee With Shoaib Akhtar


Kapil Sharma ask Bret Lee we all know you very dangerous bowler but when you come to bat do you afraid of any bowler then he said yeah everyone my batting improve in my last 3 year of career before that it was so hard to bat for me but the most difficult bowler is for me is Shoaib Akhar once i was playing with Pakistan and i came to bat my nick is Binga and i was standing on my batting mark and am swatting and nervous and Shaoib Said Binga Binga he was stanging 75 miters back when i look at him he was looking at me with killing eyes am tapping my bat he is running in his black hair flying here and there he is steaming in i just saw the ball and it hits me straight in to my foot i appealed to umpire how’s that that’s gonna be out sure and you know what that’s silly Australian Umpire said Not Out.


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