Leisure Club’s Top Model Contest




Its not every day that you see such a beautiful and cute face on social media. At a glance we thought that international models were participating in the Leisure Club competition on social media website Facebook. When we actually started looking at the pictures we saw hundreds of beautiful girls in amazing dresses all with beautiful expressions. Out of these pictures this small girl actually stole our eyes.

She is a Hiba Omar Manzoor, an abode of child expression and a girl with an aura of confidence around her at this small age. She is the star of her family. When we contacted her father Mr. Omar Manzoor Taj he was surprised to know that her daughter is amongst the top contenders running for the top slot in the competition.

His reply was amazing “Daughters are the stars of everyone universe, if mine wins I would be too happy”. We wish all the children success. This small star needs your big likes. . .


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