6 Dangerous Things You Should Not Be Doing After A Meal



There are a few things you should never be doing after a meal. Some of them were a shock to me as well and I think everyone should know these so as to avoid danger.

1) Do Not Walk Around

I did this ALL THE TIME because I thought I would digest the food faster and mind you I didn’t just walk I would start training for a marathon! You can imagine how shocked I was when I saw this. You are actually not helping the digestive system but rather putting more pressure on it. Sit around for an hour or two before walking or exercising.
2) Do Not Sleep it Off

Sleeping is not a good way to go after finishing a meal. Two reasons for this: 1) When we sleep, everything slows down in our body including the digestive system (thanks for telling me Mum!). 2) So the yummy food we just ate does not burn off it turns into fat and gas since the digestive system is working slower. This may also lead to intestinal infection so wait for an hour and a half or two before sleeping.
Woman Sleeping
3) Do Not Bathe

When I read this I was so confused as to why because my mum never told me otherwise (and I trust her with everything medical related)! After doing some research I find out that this is because bathing will increase blood flow to the hands, legs and body and as a result the blood flow near our stomach and digestive tract decreases, thereby weakening it. Therefore, it’s best to take a bath or shower first and then have a meal.
Woman having a shower
4) Do Not Drink Tea

My parents are absolute chai addicts. They have 2 cups everyday AT LEAST and if you are too, this is not good news. Most of us desi people like our garam garam chai after a meal and we sip it slowly for a while. Why is it bad? Well, tea leaves contain a high acid content which causes the protein in our food to increase by a great deal. A great deal of protein intake takes much longer to digest. This is why we feel full after eating chicken or beef biryani. So avoid, having tea right after. Give the body an hour or so to get a head-start in digesting and indulge in your tea!
5) Don’t Eat Fruits Immediately

Fruits have a lot of air and acidity. So immediately eating it after a meal causes our stomach to be bloated. Plus, you should always be taking fruits in an empty stomach for maximum effect because the stomach is able to digest much quicker.
6) Do Not Loosen Your Belt

We have all done it! After stuffing ourselves with good food, we sneak into a bathroom and pull out our tucked in shirt or loosen the belt. This is a bad bad idea because when we loosen the belt and give our stomach more room in reality the intestine actually twists in a way and may become blocked. This is why we do not feel better; our stomach actually feels heavier when doing that. From now on, eat less and you won’t have to do any such thing!
So those are 6 acts you should not be doing after a meal. Most of them we probably know but some were not nice for me to find out. Stay safe, stay healthy!


  1. All of the facts were amazing and true but , I am confused with the not walking , in islam prophet (Muhammad ) peace be upon him said walk 150 footsteps not more or less then . What’s your answer about it.

    • Aslaam o alykum I have just seen this article well good but I’ve seen 2 replies as well my vrothers askin about walking after meal yes it is sunna to walk after meal but not straight away please brother give your self a bit of time and then walk around to help digest your food .hope it’ll hellp jazakAllah


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