7up claymation Asal Foodie chat will tickle your funny bone


mana lo food ka love

Advertisements have become part of our daily routine as much as TV shows. Sometimes we get bored of them, sometimes we enjoy them and sometimes they are annoying but we love them. Brands are taking viewers concern seriously these days and try to come up with entertaining and unique concepts to market their product. 7up is one such brand which never fails to impress with its experimental (and successful) advertising.

Like in the recent past 7up double decker foodie bus has an impressive journey in Lahore and Karachi. They’ve delighted Karachi with a floating board at do darya and an awesomely cool foodie cruise too. 7up is truly emerging as a giant when it comes to mind blowing outdoors and unique campaigns.

The reason I am writing this is the newly released 7up claymation video that I’ve just seen on Facebook. Oh my God!! It’s so cute. Biryani vs Chaat talks will tickle your funny bone. Who would’ve thought to give dialogues to a plate of scrumptious biryani and delicious chaat. Only #AsalFoodie can do that. Hats off to the creative minds behind such cuteness that’s never been done before by any brand.

The way this interesting #AsalFoodie conversation ends will make you crave for more. For me, Na biryani na Chaat the Asal winner is always 7up 🙂 I hope 7up continues with this claymation idea and make a series of #AsalFoodie videos.

I am definitely loving it. If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing something adorable. Watch it to know what actually Biryani and Chaat talks about when they’re being ordered at the same time. You’re gonna love it.


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