Did you know? Middle Eastern prince pays $500,000 to meet Stewart


News has just emerged that actor Kristen Stewart was apparently paid a gigantic sum of $500,000 in exchange for a 15-minute meeting with a Middle Eastern prince. The Twilight star received the full amount in cash when she met the unidentified prince, along with his team of bodyguards, at Madison Square Garden in December 2012.

However, Stewart didn’t keep the money. It was donated to help raise funds for Hurricane Sandy’s relief efforts. Hollywood movie executive Harvey Weinstein revealed that he was the one who helped negotiate the deal between the prince and the actor.

Weinstein, who is currently promoting a documentary based on the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert at the Toronto Film Festival, said Stewart’s immediate response was, “How much?,” when he revealed the offer.

The prince apparently had to shell out over $33,333 a minute, which is around $555 a second, to interact with Stewart


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