Lung cancer and GP’s struggle to locate it


One out of every three lung cancer patients suffers death within 3 months of diagnosis. This is something which has been revealed by a research conducted by the Nottingham University.

The research further went ahead to state that about 1 out ten die after a month of diagnosis and one in 20 are not at all diagnosed till the point they die. Dr O’Dowd went ahead to state that,

“We’re losing a lot of patients early on. I wanted to find out more these patients who died early and if there are features that can help us to diagnose them earlier.”

She also said that her research unveiled the fact that those who were granted a late diagnosis were seen to visit their GP five times in the little time that they did have beforehand. This helped in countering a commonplace preconception that they will not take medical help.

It resulted in being a primary tool in finding out the symptoms and exactly in what way they could be detected by GPs joint to lung cancer.

“I started off with the preconception that people who died early didn’t ever see their GP. Actually, they saw their GPs more before diagnosis compared to those patients which lived longer.”

“Lung cancer can be difficult for doctors to distinguish from other lung diseases so we need to give them that will help them identify a patient at risk.”

The doctor’s research has been published in the famous journal British Medical Journal and stated that most of the GPs are only most probably going to witness one new case of lung cancer in one year.


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