Hamza Ali Abbasi reflects on four marriages in Islam


Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi is expressing his views on more than one marriage in Islam.

The star, who is happily wedded to wife Naimal Khawar Khan, is touching on the conditions around polygyny in the religion.

Speaking on The Epic Show in a recent interview  Hamza explicitly talked about the ‘extreme’ conditions under which a man is allowed to marry more than one.

After the host quipped that men are always interested in the concept of multiple marriages, Hamza laughed and replied that he is ‘very much happy’ with his one marriage.

Talking about his views on the subject, Hamza iterated some significant rules of polygyny:

“The Ayah about four marriages in Islam has come under specific extraordinary conditions.  I think the Ayah came after War of Uhad when the women and children were despondent on streets and there were no social institutions to look after them”.

 He further said that by Allah’s command, men at that time were asked to take care of the orphans and marry their mothers.

Hamza went on to remind the host that the scripture also mentions that doing justice to multiple wives is very unlikely so it is advisable to marry only once.


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