How Azeem Khan’s search for lost bracelet led him to Saba Qamar


The search for a missing item can usually be a lost cause but for blogger Azeem Khan, his search for a bracelet took an interesting turn.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, he shared a photo of himself donning the lost item, asking fans to help him find the precious bracelet.

“I’ve lost this bracelet. Help me find it. I had it for almost 9 years,” he requested his followers.

It turns out that actress Saba Qamar had it with her all along.

In a series of Instagram Stories, the stunner shared videos of herself wearing the piece of jewelry and upon seeing Azeem’s post she captioned one of the videos: “Is that your bracelet? Oops.”

While it is unsure as to how the bracelet came into Saba’s possession, it is safe to say that the interaction was certainly interesting.

Take a look:


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