I’ll play a bubbly, happy role in film ‘Bachana’: Sanam Saeed


Actress Sanam Saeed was a guest on talkshow Tonite with HSY where she said that though she’s a tomboy at heart, she has to keep up a certain image because “majboori hai.”

The fourth episode of Tonite With HSY saw two actors leading the drama industry these days: the chic Sanam Saeed and charming Junaid Khan who initially started off as a singer.

Introducing Sanam on his show, host HSY said they were childhood friends and Sanam was known to be a tomboy who excelled at acting.

Speaking about her dramas, Sanam pointed out that the reason she doesn’t do ‘beautiful’ roles is because she wanted dramas to bring a change in society.I like character-driven roles: Sanam Saeed
“That’s my achievement actually—when a mother says that she didn’t marry off her 14-year-old daughter because of me, or when a woman tells me that she continued to study after watching my dramas— those comments mean a lot.”

The actor said she doesn’t shmooze with the celebrity set much: “kaam kaam hota hai, dost dost hotay hain.”

She added that she might not be close to any particular person in her field but she gets along with everyone at work. Sanam, whose wedding made headlines last year, said she’d known her husband Farhan since childhood.

Music is closer to me than acting: Junaid Khan

Although he has now made a name for himself, actor Junaid Khan believes that music is his expression of choice because in acting ‘’you’re some else”.
Junaid also said that he has learnt to say no and does regret doing projects which he should have declined.

Source: Dawn News


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