Saba Qamar starrer ‘Hindi Medium’ now set to be released in China


Saba Qamar’s Bollywood debut, ‘Hindi Medium’ is set to hit the big screens in China on the 4th of April. The decision came after the success of Bollywood giants Salman Khan and Aamir Khan in the country which may have a fixed quota on the number of foreign films it allows to be screen each year, however, Indian films are among fan favourites.

The Chinese authorities surprisingly chose the film’s teaser poster instead of the more commercial poster for ‘Hindi Medium’s’ release.

According to producer Bhushan Kumar, “There’s a unique twist in this tale. Hindi Medium is content-driven and even though Irrfan is an internationally recognized talent, the Chinese distribution body opted for our teaser concept which shows the feet of a man, one representing poverty and the other representing material wealth.”

The movie which tackles the issues of the Indian education system and elitism with a comic twist has done fairly well for itself internally, bagging the Filmfare award for Best Film.

Producer Dinesh Vijan of Maddock Films reportedly said, “This is exactly what made Hindi Medium so significant. The idea that we give importance to material wealth and our social image over the value of humanness and love baffles me, but sadly it’s what drives most of society and portraying this in a light yet meaningful form is what resonates with audiences universally.”

According to many film producers, whether or not a big”star” is featured in the Indian stories, the Chinese audience is still very receptive to their content.


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