Shaheen Airline Plane Skids off at Peshawar Airport



    PESHAWAR: More than 113 passengers of a Shaheen Airliner had a narrow escape after the plane’s brakes failed and it skidded off the runway at Peshawar International Airport on Monday.

    The private company’s airliner coming from Abu Dhabi was about to land at the Peshawar airport when it skidded off the runway and escaped disaster near the main University Road near Tehkal. Police and security officials sealed the airport and media was not allowed to cover the incident. The airport authorities said the plane slipped due to bad weather after landing at the airport at about 8:46 am.

    Official sources, however, confirmed that the accident occurred because of brake failure and stopped just 100 meters away from the main University Road. Sources said the accident could have been disastrous if the plane would have hit the busy road and residential areas, which were just 50 meters away from the site. Shaheen Airlines’ officials said that the passengers on board have safely been evacuated and the officials are assessing the causes of the incident

    Source: Dawn News (reported on 08th Feb, 2010)


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