238 Death Toll in Yesterday’s Earthquake: Government Confirmed



Balochistan government spokesman Jan Mohammad Buledi Wednesday morning confirmed 238 causalities in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It flattened almost everything in the Awaran district.

The provincial government has declared emergency. Rescue work is underway and the Frontier Corps and the Army are providing aid to the victims.

Provincial government spokesman Jan Muhammad Buledi said: “We are seriously lacking medical facilities and there is no space to treat injured people in the local hospitals.

The scale of the territory involved is daunting. Awaran district has an estimated population of around 300,000, scattered over an area of more than 21,000 square kilometres (8,000 square miles).

Officials said the tremors demolished hundreds of mud houses and it was feared that the death toll would increase.

According to the Meteorological Department, the epicentre of the 7.7 magnitude earthquake was 120Km southwest of Khuzdar in Balochistan province at a depth of 23 kilometres. The US Geological Survey measured the earthquake at 7.8.

Tremors were also felt in Quetta, Hub, Khuzdar, Qalat, Sibi, Mastung, Jafferabad, Gawadar, Turbat, Panjgor, Kharan, Jhal Magsi, Noshki and the adjoining areas. However, except Turbat, no loss of life reported in these areas.

Several areas in Sindh including Karachi was also hit by tremors, but its duration being brief, no damage was done.


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