And they said that Gujranwala is Mian sahib’s city


When the army of the Captain decided to annihilate the city of Gujranwala, everyone demotivated them and asked them to step down saying that it is a city which the Shareef’s practically own. This was when the Khan became more stubborn and adamant on attacking this city with his wisdom and desire to bring a change. His followers stood strong behind him and did not get frightened away by the enemy. They wanted to fight this battle, win it and show the world that no city or town is owned by anyone but its people.

When Imran Khan finally set his camp in Gujranwala and started to spread his peaceful message of war against the wrong doers, there were millions present to show their support to him. Nobody backed down and everyone was happy to have the captain in their city. Gujranwala reacted like a crow which had been thirsty for water since centuries and was now finally drinking its share of the water. The thirst was finally quenched. Tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces, the warriors of the army of the captain stood strong against the controllers of this country.

Khan called out to his people to stand strong and not be afraid of anything as he was fighting for their rights and for their voices to be heard. He was standing tall and fearless on the container and a smile of pride ran across his face as he looked down at the sea of followers. These followers were not his followers, they were followers of the right path and of courage and valor. We can conclude hence safely, that Gujranwala did receive the captain more than just well.


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