Breaking News: 25 Year Old Sania Ashiq Becomes the Youngest Lawmakers of Pakistan


At 25 years of age, Pakistan Muslim League’s (PML-N) Sania Ashiq has become the youngest parliamentarian to serve the country.

In a historic move, Sania was sworn in as provincial legislator in Punjab Assembly on Thursday.

As a lawmaker, she aims to work towards empowering women through various projects that her party PML-N had initiated.

“While being in the assembly, I will make sure the projects that were setup by PML-N government for women empowerment, namely Violence Against Women Centre (VAWC) Multan and Zewar-e-Taleem etc. must continue to serve girls, and women.”

With a strong intention to serve the country as a youth, she has a desire to ‘expand and promote these projects for the greater public interest, specially for women population.’

She further adds, “From PEEF scholars to other initiatives designed specially for women I shall continue to raise my voice and play a vital role in it.”


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