1. May the creator of the heavens and earth and everything in between guide you. Ameen

    Muslims remember the prophet (sallahu alaihi wasalam) spread Islam with his beautiful merciful character not by the sword. Please be wise with your replies and don’t let your ego get in the way. If you cannot reply to them in a decent manner then it is better for you to remain silent.

  2. Bullshit! It’s just another muslim delusion. Your religion is a death cult. Muhammad (pigs be upon him) was a pedophile, rapist, mass murder, thief, all-around scumbag. allah is a name of an old pagan god.

  3. Dear all Muslims, don’t embarrass yourself. “Space Agencies” are fooling you to believe that man went to the moon and saw the stars and went to Mars, non of this is true, the earth is Flat. stop falling for their deceiving news reports that’s sole purpose is to make money off of you through advertisements, not to mention to later on prove to the world how gullible Muslims are, hence you would accept anything being said even by non-muslims as “Facts” without checking. wake up please. research the Flat earth, May Allah help us all.

    • MORON! You’re a disgrace to humanity. People who believe the Earth is flat should kill themselves. You shouldn’t procreate either…your children will all be mentally deficient like you.


    • May Almighty Allah strike and afflict you and your associates with incurable disease,make you a laughing stock and disgrace you for blasphemy against the Almighty God himself out of your stupid ignorance. What do you call God in your dirty language/dialect? You’ve just incur the wrath of God himself. The curses on you will surely come to pass by God’s Grace

        • Annie Lopez! U will see soon.The strength of ALLAH Almighty”

          The name al-Qawī (the Strong) appears nine times in the Qur’ān, like in:
          “Allah is Strong, severe in punishment.” [Sūrah al-Anfāl: 52]

          “Indeed, your Lord is the Strong, the Mighty” [Sūrah Hūd: 66]

          “Lo! Allah! He is the Provider, the Possessor of Unyielding Strength.” [Sūrah al-Dhāriyāt: 58]
          This name conveys the idea of Allah’s unlimited capability, that nothing is outside of His power and nothing can triumph over Him. Allah is Strong; nothing can stand as an obstacle to His will. This is why we often see this name in conjunction with His name al-`Azīz (the Mighty), especially in the context of His giving support to the believers and the downtrodden against the tyrannical and unjust.

          For instance, Allah says: “Allah will certainly aid those who aid His (cause), for verily Allah is Strong, Mighty.” [Sūrah al-Hajj: 40]

          Likewise, He says: “And Allah repulsed the disbelievers in their wrath; they gained no good. Allah averted their attack from the believers. Allah is ever Strong, Mighty.” [Sūrah al-Ahzāb: 25]

          Allah loves for the believers to possess this quality as well: in the strength of their faith, resolve, commitment, integrity, and character. This is what Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) meant when he said:
          A strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than a weak believer, though both are good. Hasten to what benefits you, seeking Allah’s help, and do not feel defeated. If some misfortune befalls you, do not say: “If only I had done such-and-such…” but say: “It is what Allah decreed, and He does as He wills.” The words “If only…” open the doors for Satan’s machinations. [Sahīh Muslim (2664)]

    • Being ignorant is preposterous. Seeking knowledge is mandatory.
      If you know your existence that is quite enough to tell that you have basic knowledge existence of humanity.
      If you know how you become a human, where did you came from, how u were build jn your mom’s womb. Where human came from?! Thats the only time you spoke of word that u have uttered.!


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