Chief Coup the Situation with Chief’s


Islamabad: Cricketer turned politician came back politically with at least one of Shareef brothers Resignation other than high criticism after Civil Disobedience call earlier day. Sources claims a big win for the Inqilab and Azadi March participants. Its very hot after the arrival of armed chief in cold corridors of Priminister’s House.

Political chaos and temperature rises after Shabaz bought 14 bodies of civilians in model town in June,14. Analyst observed Inqilab more organized in numbers and administration than Azadi march. However KHAN sounds more committed to democracy than qadri.

In recent developments after PTI has launch an sucide attack;Nawaz resignation could help PML(n) to rescue its Government and party other than Shareef’s immoral office holding Or Men with high boots are already in Islamabad as per Article 245. Massive changing with a national government and pieces of (n) in punjab could one of the next model of Pakistan.


  1. It’s the responsibility of the Prime Minister to get the nation rid of
    this stressful dharna and provide relief to the nation. He can do two
    things. One, to Have all these trouble creator in dharna executed and
    killed. But he is a democrat, goes by the book, rules, regulation and
    people’s right. The book says he can not do this. OK! The other thing
    he can do is RESIGN! The nation will take the breath of relief. There is
    no book, no rule, no regulation that says he can not do this! This is
    the only action that belongs to HIM alone! He should OWN it! Every
    citizen in Pakistan should urge him to take the only action that will
    end this dharma.

  2. Supposing IK and TQD win this battle of wits, and NS and others are ousted, who will handle the business of running the country? Neither IK nor TQD have ever run a country’s administration, and the responsibilities must be great. What do you see ?


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