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Are you a foodie by heart? Do you feel excited when exotic meals are in front of you? Do you feel intrigued by different cuisines and recipes? Well, then you have found the perfect place to nourish your food-filled passion!

Pakistan’s Largest Emerging Food Platform 

Founded in 2019, is a platform that aims to become the ultimate, authentic source of every food-associated thing that you need to know. From providing full recipes to updating you with the latest Pakistani and international food news, the platform dedicatedly works for all. It aims to finally provide all the foodies by heart out there with a true identity and recognition, a place where they can discuss and explore the field of their interest to their heart’s content.

Below listed are only some of the services provided by the platform currently. With time, we expect the list to grow and flourish!

  1. Discover all the Cuisines

Foodies .pk’s homepage will give you an idea of 8ts versatility. Right on the website, you’ll witness how the team has sorted restaurants in each city according to their cuisine. Thus, making it easier for you to locate a restaurant of your favorite cuisine or one which you’d like to try, quickly. Also, in the blogs, you will find a complete category dedicated to cuisines. Here you can find and learn anything and everything about any cuisine. Similarly, in the recipe section, you will find all recipes sorted according to cuisines.

  1. Learn Professional Recipes

Once in the recipe section, we guarantee you will not be overwhelmed but only over-joyed. That’s because you will find an endless pool of exotic, worth-trying recipes, but unlike other platforms, they will not jump on you, leaving you confused about what to cook. Experts have relevantly categorized recipes. Thus, making it easier for you to navigate. Also, all of these are not only super comprehensive but tried as well. All the authentic recipes will get you professional results.

  1. Increase your foodie knowledge

As mentioned earlier, also aim to increase your knowledge of the field that interests you. Thus, the platform has dedicated a department to discovery and evaluation of food’s present, past, and future. In the blogs, you will find everything from a healthy lifestyle to the latest food news.

  1. Explore Latest Food Events

Last but certainly not the least, with, you can also keep yourself updated with the food events happening in your city and nearby areas.

Become a Foodie Expert

We, at, believe that every food-passionate individual is valuable to the food community. Hence, we invite everyone to join our platform and become a Foodie expert!

All you have to do is visit our website and click on the user icon.  Fill in the detail, and click the Sign-Up button. We firmly believe in protecting the user data and ensure authentication before account approval. Hence, you will receive a verification mail after signing up through which you can activate your Foodies account.

By becoming a Foodie expert, you can interact with other members, review food places, share your opinion, and do so much more. One more thing, it is absolutely FREE!

Partner with Foodies

If you are a business owner or company, you can also collaborate with us. You can claim your business, add a restaurant, and even advertise with us.

Download the Foodies App

Now, you can conveniently access the Foodies platform via the Foodies App. It is available on both Android and iOS so that all food-passionate individuals can come together. Download the Foodies App-Let’s Eat!

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