Most Expensive Wedding Of Pakistan More Then 100 Crore Spent In 6Days


It is undeniably insanity, but a reality. A businessman in Dubai whose name is Afzal Khokar has spent one Arab rupee on the wedding of his brothers in Pakistan. Shehzad and Asif are the names of his brothers. The ceremony which is the most expensive wedding of Pakistan, was held on 25 acres of land in Chak Number 35, Chistian Tehsil which is a subdivision, district Bahawalnagar. Many VIP and VVIP guests were invited. Moreover, 300 guests were from UAE. The Dubai ambassador was also invited to attend the wedding ceremony. The groom as well as guests from Lahore came in helicopters. Dubai imported cars were used to take the guests to the venue. Around 150 personal security guards were on duty 40 lavish food items like Partridges teetar, Quail bateer, Mutton, fish and many more were served to more than 3000 VVIP guests every night. The family also arranged meals for hundreds of natives for a month


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