Girl Jumped Out of Moving Car In Karachi


A girl jumped out of a moving taxi in Karachi on Saturday after being allegedly harassed by driver of a ride-hailing service

The incident took place at Kala Pul bridge near Gora Qabaristan area, where she luckily suffered no injuries despite landing on one of the busiest roads of the city.

The girl, who had booked a ride from Saddar, claimed that the driver of the ride-hailing service was constantly starring at her through the back mirrors of his car.
When she questioned the driver, who had taken a wrong turn, she panicked and immediately jumped out of the car.

Meanwhile, passersby caught the taxi driver and called the police. The accused was then moved to the Saddar police station.

The affected girl registered a complaint with the police but did not lodge an FIR.

According to the police, the girl jumped out of the moving taxi in confusion because as per the driver she had changed the drop-off location (final destination) herself.

The police further added that an investigation has been launched into the incident that would explain what provoked the girl to jump out of a moving car.


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