Karachi burnt, Sharmila engaged !


Yesterday’s blasts in karachi took many lives of innocent civilians of an ethnic minority again . This event was so unfortunate and Pakistani  Nation as a whole gone into sorrows. Women and children were been victims too including three year old baby. Only sin she did was that she was born in Pakistan and belonged to ethnic minority group. Another was that she born in a country where Power belongs to people who cannot protect their citizens.

At one side people were been burnt alive. Some people lost their legs, some their eyes, and some all what they got in form of Brother , Sisters , Father etc. At the same time at other end people in Power were celebrating the Engagement ceremony of Sharmila farooqi. It is been accused that most of the Police was involved in Protection and security of VVIP’s there that they havent got time to protect the ordinary people yes ordinary to them.

Another aspect was that it has happened due to intelligence failure. Police can do nothing without the reports of strong intelligence in attacks like these. Sharmila farooqi was just so unfortunate not more than who lost their lives and who lost their loved ones. We should and have to control the extremism prvailing in our society . This now does’nt belong to state control as they are now proved to be incompetent enough. Every person in society has to do something to stop insane actions like these.


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