Musharraf penning ‘Why I returned to Pakistan’


ISLAMABAD   – Former President General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf has been known to have embarked on yet another of his literary (writing) sprees, announcing plans to pen “Why I returned to Pakistan”.
Sources have surmised his motivation, viewpoint as “ the country was facing uncertain, flammable, volatile and disfigured anarchy, which the rulers seemed to be helpless in controlling hence I decided to return to Pakistan (ostensibly to salvage the country out of crisis)”.
The book, to make its entry into market sooner, also entails Musharraf’s interaction with various global leaders and his close associates who have known to have advised him against returning to Pakistan.
He would also highlight the reasons of returning to Pakistan despite (obvious) threatening attitude of Taliban, a possibly, likely adverse judiciary and a massive adverse political pressure.
Former President Musharraf is currently interned (imprisoned) in his farm house, which has been legally converted as a sub-jail, while undergoing trials for numerous indictments, which include Benazir murder case, Akbar Bugti murder case and illegal confinement of judiciary.
There were earlier speculations about Musharraf’s possible slipping out of country, after the victory of his arch-rival Nawaz Sharif in the elections, while Musharraf’s associates had shown true resolve of Musharraf of facing all the adverse storm right in the country.


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