Nawaz Sharif fooling nation with slogan ‘Mujhay Kyun Nikala’ says Imran Khan


PTI chief Imran Khan said on Monday that Nawaz Sharif was deceiving the masses with his Kyun Nikala slogan.

Khan was addressing PTI workers at a membership drive camp in Gujrat. Imran said that he was overjoyed to see the enthusiasm of the youth. “I want youngsters to join our party in huge numbers,” he said.

Imran lambasted Sharif during his speech, claiming that the former prime minister was fooling masses with his Kyun Nikala slogan. “All he had to do was account for his wealth,” said Imran.

The PTI chief said the government had increased prices of petrol, gas and electricity. He said that in India, prices of petrol and electricity were comparatively less than in Pakistan.

Imran regretted how the government focused more on bridges and highways and less on human development such as health and education. “Countries never prosper through bridges and motorways,” he said.


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